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Winter 2003-2004

This is why I love the boys....always wanting to know where mum is.  Visiting Mary Burr who graciously let us stop to ex everyone but unless I was with the boys no "business" happened.....Rider is busy doing his business, so not in the photo, he know's he's NEVER left behind and it's most likely a long ride.


Little Sparkle* running down Mary Burr's yard.....toooo cold, let me in....No Mary you can't keep her!

Even though you took all of the beautiful photos above!

"When do I get a turn?"                         "UH HO Where's the ball?"

"Whatcha doing Rachel?"                " Need some help? Let us help"

When there's two balls and three dogs someone's on the run.

Getting hit with a whopper of a storm outside so guess we'll have to play inside! Still have to go for a walk though look and see this is at noon:

Bone day

Could someone please get the gate!

Rider and Donatella 

Sydney (my niece) playing with Mathilda's puppies.

Spring 2004


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