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Short Term Handling Agreement

Name: _____________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Telephone: ___________________(Res.) _____________________(Bus.)
E-Mail: ____________________________________________________

Breed: ______________________ Sex: ________ D.O.B: _______________
Registered Name: _____________________________CKC #: ____________
Sire: _______________________________________CKC #: ____________
Dam: ______________________________________CKC #: ____________


Previous Show Information:
Has the dog been shown before? Yes ____ No ____
If yes, in what country? ___________
Points: _____________ Handler: ____________________
Judges: ________________________________________________________

Veterinarian and telephone: _________________________________________
Date of Vaccination: _____________ Date of Last Deworming: _____________
Teeth: __________ Eyes: __________ Ears: __________ Feet: ___________
Coat: __________ Weight: ____________

Temperament: ___________________________________________________


Amount:_________________________Times per day:________________________

Medication:______________________Times per day:_________________________

Comments: _________________________________________________________



Short coated: bath and minor trimming included

Long coated- bath and minor trimming included

-          setter/springer/cocker trim full > 1hr $100.00

                                               - touch up @ 1hr $50.00

-          others $75.00/hr

All breed shows
Regular rate - $85.00 per dog, per day
Extended Circuits - Please inquire

Specialty/supported shows
In conjunction with all breed shows - $150.00 per dog

Independent - $200.00 per dog

$370.00 per dog
Specials class - Please inquire

Bonuses: BIS - $500.00 Grp 1 - $/200 2- $150 3 - $100 4 - $75  BPIS $200 BPIG - $100 Specialty/Booster/Supported BOB $500 Select $225 AOM $150 BOS1 $250

Board: $20.00-$30.00 per day - monthly rate available

Breedings: $100.00 / AI or natural breeding plus board for visiting dog/bitch

Pick Up and Delivery
This service is available for 1.50/kilometer. It is generally used when a dog must be
picked up or delivered to an airport for shipment. Also available for owners/agents who
do not wish to travel to the Handler's home or a show to deliver or pick up their dog and
would like the Handler to meet them somewhere in between.

Expenses are tallied on a per show basis and divided equally amongst the total number of
dogs shown. Expenses to include, but not limited to the following:
- mileage @ 1.5/kilometer
- lodging
- parking
- hydro
Owners/agents will be informed at the time of booking for a show if there will be any
additional expenses incurred.

Entries may be made by the Handlers by one of two methods:
- via "The Entry Line" with valid credit card with expiry date in the name of the
- a retainer of $1000.00 is placed with the handler, strictly for the purpose of
making entries. A statement of all entries made will be forwarded to the
owner/agent. It is understood that no further entries will be made by this
method unless the amount is replenished. The balance of the retainer will
either be deducted from the final bill or returned to the owner/agent at the
end of the contract, whichever is applicable.


I/WE, being the registered owner/agent of the dog described herein, hereby authorize
Jill Taylor, hereinafter referred to as "Handler", to present our dog(s) in the conformation ring, at the show(s) indicated below.
It is agreed that either party may, without penalty, cancel this agreement providing that
such notice is given 72 hours prior to the closing date of entry of the appropriate show.
Client cancellations made after this time will be subject to any costs incurred by the
handler to that point (to include entry fees paid by the handler for the dog and any
postage or courier costs incurred in delivering the entries), and may include applicable
"Handling Fees" and expenses.

Show # 1: ________________________________________________________ Rate:____________
Show # 2: ________________________________________________________ Rate:____________
Show # 3: ________________________________________________________ Rate:____________
Show # 4: ________________________________________________________ Rate:____________


The Handler agree to take proper care of the dog and to maintain him/her in a condition
equal to or better than that which he/she was in when given into the Handler's care. The
Handler agree to be diligent in supervision of the dog, but cannot be held responsible for
accidental injury or illness due to conditions beyond our control.
The owner/agent of the dog authorizes the Handler to employ the services of a
recognized, licensed veterinarian, in an emergency or when it is deemed necessary by the
Handler, at the expense of the client.
A copy of the dog's Rabies and Vaccination certificates is required for the Handler's records.
The Handler will not release the dog to anybody other than the aforementioned
owner/agent without that persons consent.

All cash awards won by the dog shall be retained by the Handler.
All U.S. shows are billed in U.S. Funds.
All fees must be paid in full before the dog is released to the owner/agent unless prior
arrangements have been made, in which case, a 10% per month interest rate will be
added to bills not paid within 30 days of the statement date.
A $75.00 charge will be assessed for all NSF cheques and client will be put on a CASH
ONLY basis.
The Handler agree that should they, for any reason, be unable to present the dog, they
will, through their own efforts, make arrangements for an experienced substitute handler to present the dog in their place.



Signed this _______ day of ____________ in the year _________.




__________________________                          ____________________________
Jill Taylor                                                                              Owner/agent of dog





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