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I have dedicated the majority of my life to the Irish Setter.  I am active in the show ring and endeavor to produce excellence in the breed.  While you may not be interested in showing that does not mean you should not purchase from someone who is active in the breed in some format and not just producing puppies.  Do you not deserve the best?

Breeding dogs is extremely hard work.  Many sleepless nights, a ton of hard work, sweat and tears.  There are days when I do question is it worth it.  Each litter brings with it many hopes and dreams, in reality only the very best of the best are worthy of continuing on to the ultimate goal of perfection.  There are many heart breaks as we are dealing with life here.  But the true test of the breeder is being able to move forward, learn from the past and continue to strive for improvement.

My breeding program (not to be confused with some that just breed to produce puppies or to the flavour of the month sire) is quite extensive and in-depth.  While there are many that do not agree with my philosophy and are quick to judge, they tend to be ones that dabble with breeding and have generally not been that successful and therefore bitter.  While I tend to stay within a certain bloodline that is not to say there are not other responsible breeders that have a similar vision but have chosen to arrive at in a different manner.  

I do extensive research before producing a litter and each litter is produced with the same goal in mind, excellence in conformation without sacrificing health, instinct and temperament.   Ultimately a better Irish Setter.

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"The thermometer of success is merely
the jealousy of the malcontents."

Salvadore Dali


"All great masters are chiefly distinguished
by the power of adding a second, a third,
and a fourth step in a continuous line.
Many a man had taken the first step.


With every additional step you enhance
immensely the value of your first."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson




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