Report Date: 01/31/2006

Awards Record
CH Captiva's Special Delivery

Reg Name: CH Captiva's Special Delivery
Reg #: SR207499/01 Breed/Variety: Irish Setter
Birth Date: 03/13/2004 Sex: Male

Competition: Conformation - Awards Processed Through 01/19/2006
Number of Points 16
Number Major Wins 4
Number Major Judges 4
Total Number Judges 4
Event Date Event Name Judge Class Placement Points
02/19/2005 Wyoming Valley Kennel Club Mrs. Robert C (Carolyn) Thomas Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. 1st  
  Mrs. Robert C (Carolyn) Thomas Winners Reserve Winner  
04/02/2005 Central New York Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Jean Fournier Bred By Exhibitor 1st  
  Mrs. Jean Fournier Winners Winners 4
04/03/2005 Onondaga Kennel Association, Inc. Mrs. Cindy Vogels Bred By Exhibitor 3rd  
09/10/2005 Irish Setter Club of Michigan Mrs. Lorraine W. Bisso Bred By Exhibitor 1st  
09/11/2005 Irish Setter Club of Michigan Mrs. Beth G. Speich Bred By Exhibitor 1st  
  Mrs. Beth G. Speich Winners Winners 4
09/25/2005 Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club, Inc. Ms. Charlotte Clem McGowan Bred By Exhibitor 1st  
  Ms. Charlotte Clem McGowan Winners Winners 4
09/30/2005 Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Anne D Bolus Bred By Exhibitor 2nd  
10/01/2005 Finger Lakes Kennel Club, Inc. Dr. Harry Smith Bred By Exhibitor 3rd  
10/02/2005 Elmira Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Loraine Boutwell Bred By Exhibitor 2nd  
10/30/2005 Lower Susquehanna Irish Setter Club Mrs. Sandra L Novocin Bred By Exhibitor 1st  
  Mrs. Sandra L Novocin Winners Winners 4
Total Points: 16
Total Number of Awards: 15

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