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Just a few of the letters from our puppy buyers:

Hi Jill,
    It was so very nice meeting you Saturday. I can't say enough about Maggie. She had 2 accidents in the house and it was really my fault, not paying attention. My husband and I were very impressed with the condition of your kennel. Everything is so neat and clean and your dogs are so well behaved. You have really found your calling. We were very comfortable at your place and thought everyone is so nice.
    Needless to say I will keep in touch with you. Tomorrow Magee has an appointment with my vet. She is such a great puppy. I am so happy we took the trip to see you and your dogs. What a great life you must have! Loved all your dogs!
                                                                Thank you,


Hi Jill,

I just thought I'd drop you a quick email to let you know how McCully is
doing. He is amazing!!!!!! I've attached a few picture for you. He starts
puppy school in a few weeks and swam for the first time last weekend at
the cottage. He's a natural.
The other day I was walking him outside our building and and someone
shouted from their car, "$1000.00 for McCully, OK $10,000 for McCully!"
He's famous around here.....

Thanks you again for the best puppy ever (I'm sure you hear that all the
time lol)

Hi Jill,
Well I am so sorry I did not get a chance to sit and talk with you again.  I really do want to thank you so much for Rosie.  She is the most loving (spoiled) setter I have ever had.  Not to mention the most gorgeous!!!!!!   But seriously, what do you think of her? All she needs is one more major and she will be finished!!!!!!!  I  am so grateful that you gave me Jeff and Becky's names to handle her.  They really make her look fantastic when she moves around that ring. I still don't really know what I am supposed to see when I look at the setters around.  They all look so beautiful.  I am starting to see SOME things that don't look right or that look really nice.  I wish I could sit with you at a show and pick your brain.
The people from the ISCO are really helpful.  I sat with Sharon Riley in New York on Sunday and she helped me some things I didn't notice before.  I am a slow learner but I am really enjoying myself.  Hey I even made it to the show on Sunday and I only got lost once!!!  I am learning!!   Well again I just want to say THANK YOU    THANK YOU   THANK YOU
Hope to see you again sometime at a show.




I know that my husband lets you know how the "girls" on doing every once in a while, but I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU so much for allowing both of them to join our family.  They are both terrific dogs and we are so happy to have them here.  Michelle really seems to like having another dog around, and Donnatella has fit in well.  Although Michael has had Irish Setters his whole life, I had never had a dog before and I was sure I would enjoy a dog--little did I know that they would capture my heart right away.  Again I just wanted to let you know that they are both doing well.  They are very special and we are fortunate to have them as part of our family.  Thank you so much!!!!!
Suzanne Di Bona

Hi Jill and Kerilyn:  

Phoenix had a good summer chasing chipmunks in the wood pile and surverying her domain from a shady spot in her yard, but she does prefer the cooler weather when she can run with her ball.  She loves all of her toys but still carries her purple polkadot bone when she feels unsure about something, or has to poop really bad.  I had minor surgery a month ago and she stuck to me like glue, falling asleep on the bed next to me with a toy in her mouth. Funny how  setters know when you don't feel well, that all isn't right and they just want to be close .  The dog grooming has done really well. Bob wants me out of the house because of the hair so we ordered  lumber today to build a shop for the business.  Of course Phoenix will have a perch in her new window so she can keep an eye on the horses and chipmunks and neighbouring  cats that wander through.  She is really good to socialize new puppies that come for their first few grooms.  She lays on the floor or engages them in play.  She's so good!.  It's a warm day so we are going to take some time to chase chipmunks for a while before we start grooming.  Take care and I'll keep you posted on the wonderful Phoenix! Sue Bell

Hi Jill,

It's just over 3 weeks since we came for Puppy #5 (I think that's her
number).  She's a wonderful puppy.  She is, of course, still house training
and tends to chew on everything,  but...she is very smart and good
natured.  She learned her name quickly, can sit reliably, usually comes
when called, and accepted her collar with little fuss.  The kids love
running with her (all go at the same speed at the moment) and following a
ball.  Fetch is not yet in her vocabulary, so kids and puppy all chase the
ball.  She travels easily in the car (the long journey home gave her a good
start, and a taste for Swiss Chalet chicken).

We've not been good about mythical names for her.  But we can tell you she
is named Jessminda (the heroine in "Bend it Like Beckham", since the kids
love soccer).  Jess for short.  So please feel free to give her whatever
name you choose for her registration papers.

Thank you very much for a wonderful puppy who shows every indication she
will be a great family pet for many years to come.  Her temperament is

Best wishes


Hello, Jill:
As tomorrow is Brody's birthday, I thought I would take a minute to let you know how he is doing.
He weighs 68 lbs now, and has a gorgeous coat. He is an excellent pet, with a wonderful personality.
He is easy to train but loves to play and has boundless energy.
Our kids have been keeping up their end of the bargain, so Brody gets at least two walks every day; one from an adult in the morning and one from a kid after school. Several of our neighbours have commented to me on how beautifully he heels alongside the kids. (One of these neighbours is an obedience instructor)
He also spends hours in our wooded backyard hunting squirrels. Well, not actually hunting them, just pointing at them. When he corners a squirrel he will stand perfectly still for a very long time, until we go out and chase the squirrel away so Brody doesn't seize up!
He likes routine and will quickly adapt and learn what's coming next. For example, when he sees us turning off lights and locking doors at night, he disappears up the stairs and we find him tucked in to his crate. When I am leaving for work in the morning he runs ahead of me and gets in his doghouse for his morning nap.
I could go on and on, but I'm sure you've heard all this before from us besotted Irish Setter owners. We are talking about adding a second Irish to our family, but would like to wait until Brody is a little older, so probably next spring would be a good time. We will be in touch.
Keep up the good work.
Nancy MacKenzie


Dear Jill,
We just saw the Harrisburg Show.  Tommy was gorgeous!!!!  I have been meaning to write you for a long time to tell you how very happy we are with Agatha Christie, aka Captiva Storm Over Pretty Marsh.  She is a delight.  She is very smart, beautiful of course, and so much fun.  On our daily walks, she insists on walking with a plastic bottle in her mouth.  We keep her supply in our umbrella stand so she stops and waits for us to retrieve her bottle as we go out the door.  She is a traffic stopper!  We keep hearing that people have told others about the beautiful dog that carries bottles on the Bartlett's Landing Road. 
We are eager to add another Irish to our family so are now waiting to decide on the best timing.  You may be hearing from us in the next year or so.
Thank you and Tommy for bringing so much joy into our lives,
Marcia Dworak

After getting Jake

Dear Jill,

I took these photos this morning.  Jake is growing so fast!  He is proving really easy to train.  One time and he seems to get it!!  He and Agatha have a lot of fun together.  She has never had so much exercise.
Hope you are keeping warm.


Hi Jill!

I wanted to update you on our precious one.  She is the most remarkable
Irish Setter I've ever been in contact with.  She's quite a beauty and
my wish has come true - she has Rosemary's beautiful face!  Bryn loves
to retrieve and we all spend hours throwing balls for her to fetch!  Her
keen intelligence and warm and loving personality truly demonstrates the
Captiva name.  We are completely besotted with her and can't thank you
enough for matching us up!
Mike told me that you are going to Westminister this year with Tommy.
We wish you and all of your dogs the absolute best and hope that the
judges recognize  truly superior specimens and reward you richly.
Please post news to your site as soon as possible. "May the road rise up
to greet you!"

For years I have tried to find an Irish who meets the AKC standards on the personality of an Irish. I finally found one in my Captiva bitch I have. She is so sweet, loving, and full of the Irish spirit. Not only does she have the looks, a sound healthy bitch but a personality like no other Irish I have ever met. You can see this girl's soul through her wonderful eyes. So full of life. Thanks Jill for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Diane Brim
BAD IS Gang(Bridgid Abby Dottie) &the masked outlaws Skye, Jenny and Kellie ES In Memory of Sparkles and Angelet

Hi Jill and Keri-lynn
Phoenix is just wonderful.  She is really enjoying the snow in her yard and she runs back and forth when the horses are in their paddock and soon they are running too.  She had a good Christmas with lots of family visiting, new toys, treats and a new bed.  The cats get along with her really well, especially little Felicia.  We often find them together on the bed or on the couch .  I have been learning dog grooming from a master groomer and his wife.  These are the people who first spoke to Jill about Phoenix.  I'm going to groom dogs at home and I'm reallly looking forward to it.  Although we got to the advanced level in dog obedience,  showing her in trials just was't my thing, but the dog grooming is.  The best part is Phoenix is with me all the time, literally, she goes everywhere with us, and we wouldn't have it any other way.   Without a scanner we can't send photos and we don't have anything recent anyway, but I can tell you Phoenix is very happy here and that we love her very much. I have to go.  She wants out.  She is carrying her purple polkadot bone in her mouth. 
Sue Bell

Hi Jill,
After a loooong trip home ( 1hr. 20 mins waiting at the bridge into the US, 1 hr. stuck in Chicago traffic) we are home safe and sound.  Elliott was a great little traveler, cried for about 20 minutes when we started out, then mostly slept on the floor at my feet or chewed his chewie.  No car sickness, no accidents.  He fit right in as soon as we got home, not intimidated in the least.  Many new discoveries already - cat litter is tasty, it is fun to grab the dishtowel and run, there are many new toys in the toybox, we have treats when we get up in the morning.  He is clearly a Bellagio repeat - he stalked bugs in the sunroom as soon as he got in the house.  Last night he kept wanting to lie down and snuggle with Charles, who would tolerate it briefly and then get up and go somewhere else.  He is a little shell-shocked but both he and Cayce have been fine with Elliott. 
Gwen Sr. thought he was gorgeous when we stopped to pick up Cayce.  I agree - I am so thrilled with him.  He's lovely and a sweetheart to boot! 


Again, thanks for everything, especially Elliott!

Hey Jill,
I just though I would let you know that Tucker had his first class at puppy school last night.  I know I am a little bias, but I think he was the best puppy there!!!!!!  He actually did really well - the instructor actually used him to show a couple of things that she wanted the other owners to try with their puppies.  Josh was able to participate in the teaching of Tucker as well.  I have almost an entire roll of film to take in so I will send you some more pictures when I get them developed.  Thanks for everything. Tucker is a great puppy with a terrific personality!!!!!  He fits into our family perfect.

Hello.  Just wanted to let you know that our female pup we are calling Tobi from the Speedy Sam litter is working out wonderfully in our family.  She is really bright and is catching on to her obedience training quickly.  We have been going once a week for private lessons from our local dog training guru.  We will start group puppy classes in June.  He has given Tobi the big thumbs up and commented the first moment he saw her on her obvious intelligence and good looks!  He has described Tobi as "a cut above" the other Irish  he has worked with.  She seeks eye contact which makes training her a joy.  Plus she likes treats and praise which helps keep her motivated.  She has learned to pee (and poop) on command outside.  Now, if I could have the same cooperation teaching her not to pee inside!  In good time she will learn that too.
Tobi loves her walks in the woods and fields we visit daily and in true setter fashion loves to run up ahead and always checks in to make sure I am coming along right behind.  She has adapted well to crate training and sleeps in her crate beside us at night.  We have a second crate in our kitchen that generally has the door open and she prefers to have her long naps in there.  
She loves our two boys, especially 9 year old Luke because he is the one who plays with her in our backyard.  
Most of all she loves our Border collie X Buddy because he is the one who lets her chew on him, mostly with impunity!
I think you are breeding wonderful dogs Jill.  I knew I was making the right choice to pick you as a breeder because Setters are your obvious passion and I thought I could not go wrong choosing a pup from a person who has devoted their life to the improvement and love of the dogs and the breed.
Thanks again Jill.

Hi Jill,

Just a note to let you know that Annie is doing really well. She's almost 11 months old and she's bright, happy, healthy, extremely beautiful, and lots of fun. 
She loves other dogs, especially her collie sister, Bonnie, and she's great with our cats. She adores our cottage, long hikes, and boat rides. We're hoping to get her swimming this summer. Last summer she paddled in shallow water but wasn't ready to fully commit.    
Her intelligence is a little disconcerting sometimes. She's learned how to open the refrigerator after months of studying the problem of the door's seal. She often noses and paws at the door, very gently and quietly, so it never occurred to me that she'd get it open. Then, when I was in the kitchen one day, I watched her to do the nose 'n' paw routine to see what would happen if she worked at it long enough. When the door finally opened, she shoved her paw behind it so it couldn't close again. Then her looked at me with her tail wagging. She's absolutely fascinating. 
She loves to hang out in the bathroom, and she's particularly interested in the sink - the taps, the drain, the water. She sits back and studies the whole operation. A few days ago, I heard water running in the bathroom and, yes, she'd turned on the cold water tap. It's a lever-type tap so I guess she kept pulling it forward with her paw until the water came out. I found her with her paws on the counter, happily drinking.   
She's done so many things that are truly amazing. She's over-the-top smart. Course, I'm concerned that she'll empty the frig and flood the house when we're not looking, so we have an extensive system of baby gates, and she goes into her crate when we're away from home. I fear she uses crate-time to channel Albert Einstein. 
Does this sound like a typical Irish, Jill? I know they're bright but she's not even one year old yet. Will she be cooking gourmet meals and re-wiring the house by the time she's two?
Thanks again for breeding such fabulous dogs. Annie is absolutely amazing.
Jacque Newman












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