2007 fun photos



Gigi and Shanya’s litters left at 5 weeks and right at 6

Kavan and Robert

Nanette Pat Jackie and Robert


SDG pics

speedy hanging out on the

Below photos are taken in a period of 5 minutes….Tommy then
Elaine and Tommy

ahh the whole bed to myself

well you can sleep with me if you must


If you stay with me on the road expect a bed buddy

Caren and Speedy

and Robert

Below Robert helping me paint

a day of fencing and assorted fun

dreamer and
tommy(behind) dreamer on right:

Gigi looking for birds

Nanette faster than the speed of light and shutter ability

who started the hole ?  Rosemary and Tom left Robert and
Tom right

Robert and Faith and a stick Faith won


Samantha (my niece) at the kennel

Una the bloodhound stuck here after finishing due to a storm





Samantha and Robert




After the storm some fun:


Pregnant Capri



Eve and Delilah on the right Eve







Random group shots: