Shipping Information

At this point we anticipate being able to ship^ live air cargo to most major Canadian airports via the main commercial airlines WJ as long as their schedules allow. As of now we can ship our puppies (from Toronto, ON Pearson Int’l airport to most other major Canadian cities) where there is a direct flight available that accepts live cargo and this should be considered before proceeding with a reservation to ensure that either we have confirmed we can ship to your location and/or that you are willing to come to pick up a puppy in person. The cost to ship an 8 – 10 week old puppy by air cargo to most points in Canada is currently approximately(600.00) as follows: $350 – air cargo fee (including inspection) $100 – travel kennel, $150 – health certificate and transport to airport. Air cargo shipping in the summer and around major holidays can involve airline embargoes that we may have to work around. Driving to Cambridge, ON Canada to pick up your puppy or flying into Toronto Pearson Int’l airport to take a baby puppy home “in-cabin” could be required if an extended air cargo embargo is in effect due to weather or other causes, or if there is not a direct flight which accepts live cargo which is accessible to you.

Please consider this before reserving one of our puppies. ^PLEASE NOTE: if you are unable to personally pick up your puppy from our location in Cambridge, ON and require any kind of transport/shipping/delivery a minimum $150 charge applies as this constitutes a significant amount of extra work/time on our side. This fee covers any/all of the following as required. There is an additional charge for increased distance/time/misc if applicable: – researching live air cargo options to your location (N/A to the USA) and booking with the air carrier or pet transport service (cost of the actual air cargo/pet transport service is additional) in consultation with you – obtaining a health certificate (required by airlines and for brokered land border crossing) – completing all purchase paperwork, puppy/dog care instructions remotely by email scans – sourcing and retrieving an appropriately sized travel kennel (cost for the kennel is additional / at cost) – assembly and preparation of kennel for travel (security seals/ties/stickers, application of puppy supplies) – delivering the puppy to Toronto Int’l airport or a meet location with a transfer company within a 200 km round trip.