Wish Upon A Star*


10/16/2003 – 05/02/2007




Already finding the best spots!



Napping with my cousin Rachel on New Years Eve.



Sleeping with her mother.





Tug of WAR 🙂  Sparkle and my nephew Benjamin.



After all that playing lets snuggle 🙂



Growing up and looking up



Sparkle at a year above


Sparkle at 16 months below…not trimmed or extreme stacked
but thanks to Mary Burr for taking the photo(once again!!):





Sparkle in RI at ISCA making it to the final 7 in BBE at 20



Sparkle checking out Dreamers puppies



Some cute photos of Sparkle and her babies




below with Speedy




photo taken by the Murray Family


Sparkle became severely ill after the Dec. shows in
Boston.  Click here to read her story.