Winter 2005-2006


Since it’s been such a wet winter we’ve been spending a lot of
time indoors




Faith and Randi







Then it snowed:






Vienna lounging:



Peter on the left Speedy on the right guess I should just put
a bed up there.



Spring 2006





ahh the donut bed all to myself



well I guess I can share



ok this is tooooo much!




new neighbours 2 pairs and 10 babies



Speedy and Nanette


Sept on a cloudy day :



above Nanette knowing no limits



above Tommy surveying his kingdom



Nadine above



Faith with a stick above



above Kavan hunting



Peter and Dreamer on the left…Speedy and Sparkle on the



Jetson and Catalina above



Rosemary quite pregnant



Above the willow tree holds great interest!



more neighbours