Important information on obtaining a puppy.

Born Oct 9th  Sangarth Sent for Success X Captiva’s Harmony oChamberlayne   PHOTOS  All reservered.

I am planning 1 more litter for later this year but currently, I have a long reservation list, likely into early Spring 2022

Deposits are not refundable!!!

If you’re interested in obtaining a puppy, please take a few minutes to fill out the Puppy Questionnaire.  The questions are asked to help me learn more about you and your home.  There are also questions which will help you decide if you’re prepared to welcome a puppy into your home. It’s a decision that alters your existing family dynamic, so take the time to “ask yourself”  too.  My companion puppies start at $3000.00+ tax.  I require a $600.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit unless there are special conditions agreed to before deposit.  


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All of our dogs are fed TLC Whole Life Dog Food….free deliver order yours now at and receive $5.00 off.


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